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Hoarder cleanup Blackrock Dublin
On April 8, 2024

SFN Cleaning For Hoarders

Imagine stepping into a home where every corner, every space is filled with piles of newspapers, magazines, and memories of years gone by. This was the reality for a home in Blackrock, Dublin, that SFN.IE had to transform.

What we encountered was not just a house overwhelmed by hoarding but also a hidden rodent infestation that posed health risks.

This blog post takes you through our journey of restoring safety and serenity to a home caught in the clutches of hoarding, highlighting the empathetic and thorough approach of our team at SFN.IE.

The job came to us under unique and sensitive circumstances – the homeowner was hospitalised, and it was their son who reached out to us for help from another country.


It all started with a phone call from a concerned son. His parent, the homeowner, was hospitalised, and he was faced with the overwhelming task of sorting through years of accumulated belongings.

Recognising the scale of the challenge and the need for professional help, he reached out to SFN.IE, known for our compassionate and efficient hoarder cleanup services.

He shared his worries about the state of the home, specifically mentioning vast collections of newspapers and magazines that had taken over the living spaces. What he didn’t realise, however, was the severity of the rodent infestation hidden beneath.

Transforming the Chaos: Cleaning a Hoarder’s House.

Below, a recent hoarding clean up service carried out in North County Dublin.

The SFN.IE Approach

Upon arrival at the Blackrock property, our team, equipped with the necessary tools and a respectful mindset, assessed the situation.

The first step in our approach was to ensure the homeowner’s belongings were treated with care and dignity. We understand that behind every item, there might be a story, a memory, or a piece of the homeowner’s heart. Our goal was not just to clean but to help the homeowner and their family start afresh, providing a safe and comfortable living environment upon their return from the hospital.

Challenges Along the Way

As we navigated through the rooms, the extent of the hoarding became evident. Newspapers and magazines, some dating back decades, were stacked from floor to ceiling. This not only posed a significant fire hazard but also made the space unlivable.

The bigger challenge, however, was the rodent infestation uncovered during the cleanup.

Rodents had made their homes within the piles of paper, complicating the cleanup process. Our team had to don protective gear and follow strict health and safety protocols to ensure the infestation was dealt with effectively, without compromising the well-being of our team or the structural integrity of the home.


The journey of this hoarder cleanup in Blackrock, Dublin, by SFN.IE is a testament to the difference a dedicated and compassionate team can make. Beyond the physical cleanup, it’s about understanding the emotional complexities involved and providing a service that respects both the homeowner and their possessions.

For anyone facing similar challenges, know that SFN.IE is here to help, bringing not just cleanliness but care and compassion to every job we undertake.

For more information on hoarder cleanup services and how we can assist you or your loved ones, contact us directly. Together, we can turn a daunting task into a new beginning.

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