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We offer totally free house clearance services for goods which have excellent resale value. We also provide paid rubbish & junk removal services.

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General Clearance Services.

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Just send us photos of the items you want us to remove. If any of them have resale value, we’ll promptly inform you.

Junk Removal service

SFN Household Clearance Services.

At Something for Nothing Ireland, we provide specialised clearing services in Dublin and the surrounding counties. Clearing residential and commercial properties of various items and waste.

We remove furniture, electrical devices, personal possessions, and rubbish, and cater to a wide range of clearing needs. It’s important to emphasise that we do so in a timely, professional, and ethical manner, as these qualities are often sought after by clients.

Additionally, our ability to accept different types of waste such as furniture, electronics, garden and renovation waste, plus office equipment showcases our versatility and adaptability in handling various commercial & home clearance projects.

Due to a rise in requests for the removal of low-quality furniture through our free house clearance service, we have implemented charges for the removal of all furniture suites, beds, and mattresses.

Rubbish Removal Service
House clearance service Dublin

We Provide Specialised Business & House Clearing Services In Dublin & The Surrounding Counties.

We offer reliable and flexible solutions to make your life easier. We understand the challenges and stress of clearing out a business premises or a home clearances, so we take the hassle out of it for you. Simply contact us and our skilled team will quickly and efficiently remove any unwanted items from your home or business.

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When Is it free ?

It is crucial to grasp that we will only take items for free which are in absolutely pristine like new condition.

Generally, we can tell you if we can take your junk away for free or issue a charge for our house clearance services before we visit your home or business. In most cases we can asses an items potential resale value if you send us clear photos of them.

Not Taken For Free


All Bed Types + Mattresses


Old Suites Of Furniture


Flat-pack Furniture (Ikea)


Bathroom Furniture


Most Electrical Goods


Old Kitchen Appliances

When Is it charged ?

We will always charge for rubbish and junk removal services. When we first introduced our free house clearance service, SFN became overwhelmed with requests to remove all sorts of household items with no resale value, especially old furniture and beds. This is why we now charge for most, if not all of these removals.

Junk removal services Dublin

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether it’s complete home clearance services or the removal of unwanted rubbish, we’ve garnered a multitude of satisfied customers in Dublin and its neighboring counties.

 SFN, The Premier Household Clearance Service In Dublin.

Sell Antiques Directly To Us For Instant Cash.

Selling your antiques directly to SFN antique buyers enables you to circumvent costly auctioneer fees, thereby avoiding the burden of paying 33% commissions and other associated charges.

Sell antiques for cash today

House Rubbish Removals

Customer Testimonials.

“I want to recommend Gary and his team for some outstanding work in helping me clear out my family home back in February. I would highly recommend them to clear out your home in a highly efficient and friendly manner at a reasonable price!.”

Catherine Graham Kavanagh

Just had Something for nothing collect some old furniture I had and they did a brilliant job for little cost. Thank you, you guys do an great service. 100% recommend this company.”

gary harwood

“Very professional guys who cleared a lot of junk from my house quickly and efficiently. Very decent price for the huge amount of work done. Would definitely use them again – but hopefully won’t need to for a while.”

Rory Quinn


It’s essential to consistently request license information when employing Rubbish Removal Companies. Something For Nothing is fully insured and adheres to the necessary regulations set by the relevant authorities.


See our license details here


Our operators exhibit professionalism and courtesy in performing their duties, and our fleet includes a variety of vehicles, ranging from mid-sized vans to large tipper vehicles.


Integrity forms a significant cornerstone of our business ethos, reflecting in our highly competitive pricing. Furthermore, our extensive expertise encompasses every facet of our daily operations.

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