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Hoarding disorder cleaning services range from a de-cluttering service to serious hoarding clean ups where potential health hazards occur.

Hoarder Clean Up


If there is one thing you can be assured of in a hoarder cleaning service its, bugs, rodents, airborne parasites and in some, thankfully rare cases, deceased people and animals. We never ever underestimate the risk level and always take appropriate health and safety measures when dealing with these situations. This is a de-cluttering service like no other. We suit up and boot up wearing skin protecting garments and breathing masks!

Hoarding & Health Risks.

A hoarder clean up service is one of our more specialised areas. The idea that cleaning up after a hoarder should be a simple and easy task can be somewhat misunderstood, especially with the threat of contamination. During our time in business we have come across some pretty awful examples of hoarding in the extreme. In some cases our Hoarding & Rubbish Removal service has been utilised by the emergency services where there is a possibility a deceased person may be present and the emergency services cannot enter because of the amount of clutter that is involved.

The Things We Learn on The Job!

We have learned through or work that hoarding is a factor in some evictions and that psychologically it tends to be seen as an OCD issue. However, from speaking to professionals we have also learned that there is quite a substantial difference between a hoarder and obsessive compulsive people. OCD is generally associated with great anxiety while hoarding is associated with the euphoria and rush of buying or obtaining that little, or large, treasure. Anxiety related to hoarders generally occurs with the thoughts of de-cluttering or removal of their junk.


hoarding cleaning


This is bacterium commonly found in the intestines of humans and other animals and poses a significant risk on the more extreme cases of hoarder cleaning.

Commercial Power Washing


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a life threatening strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and is something we dont want to contract!

Rodents Hoarder clean up services


This is a virus carried by rodents and causes various febrile hemorrhagic diseases, often with kidney damage or failure. Err, no thanks! 

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Our services are provided to homeowners as well as commercial properties.

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We provide a free home & property clearance service for items with resale value only.

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At SFN.ie, Junk Disposal and Rubbish Removal are a large part of our daily business services.





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