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Hoarder Clean Up Service

Hoarding disorder cleaning services encompass a scope of aid spanning from de-cluttering assistance to the more intensive hoarding cleanup services required in cases where potential health risks are present.

Hoarder clean up service

Cleaning Help For Hoarders.

Assessment and Planning

Clutter Removal

Sanitation & Cleaning

Hazardous Material Disposal

Space Optimisation

If you could provide us with photos of the hoarding clearance you need, we will promptly respond with details about the planning and pricing for the service.

Hoarding clearance service

Hoarding, Health & Risks.

We excel in offering specialised hoarder clean-up services, and it’s crucial to recognize that the task of tidying up after a hoarder is far from simple and effortless, especially when contamination risks are involved.

Over our  many years of operation, we have encountered profoundly distressing situations of extreme hoarding. There have been instances where emergency services have relied on our hoarding & rubbish removal service when they suspect the presence of a deceased individual, but they cannot access the area due to the overwhelming clutter.


The insights we gain through our work!

In our experience providing cleaning services for hoarders, we have come to understand that hoarding behavior frequently contributes to eviction situations. It is commonly regarded as a psychological matter with connections to OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). However, our conversations with professionals have highlighted a significant distinction between hoarders and individuals with OCD.

OCD is often characterised by intense anxiety, while hoarding is more closely associated with the satisfaction and excitement derived from acquiring and holding onto various items, regardless of their size. Hoarders tend to experience heightened anxiety primarily when faced with the prospect of de-cluttering or parting with the items they have amassed.


It is worth mentioning that we hold National Waste Collection Permits, reflecting our commitment to responsible waste management – link: National Waste Collection Permit holders.

Cleaning help for hoarders

House Cleaning For Hoarders & Their Carers & Families

 Family members often find themselves in a care-giving role, attempting to clean and maintain the home, provide emotional support, or even manage the hoarder’s health. This added responsibility can be exhausting and emotionally draining.


When it comes to providing hoarder cleaning services, one thing is certain: the potential presence of insects, rodents, airborne parasites, and, in rare cases, deceased individuals and animals is a significant concern.

We always recognisze and address the considerable risks involved and make health and safety our top priority when dealing with these challenging situations. Our decluttering service stands apart from others because we take meticulous care to don protective clothing and wear breathing masks to safeguard the well-being of our team members.

Hoarder cleaning

Bereavement house clearance services.

Our probate house clearance services are delivered by skilled professionals who specialise in bereavement estate clearances.


Bereavement House Clearance Service
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