Bereavement House Clearance Services

Bereavement house clearance services, sometimes referred to as probate house clearance services, are our specialised services that aim to support individuals and families in the task of clearing and disposing of the belongings and personal effects left behind by deceased persons and loved ones.

Bereavement House Clearance Services

From start to finish, we ensure a smooth and efficient operation while adhering to all legal obligations and regulations. You can rely on our proficiency to oversee the complexities of the task and ensure a compliant and successful outcome.

Assisting You At A Very Sensitive Time.

Following the passing of an individual, it is often necessary to clear out their residence or property for various purposes, including the sale of the property, distribution of assets, or finalising the deceased person’s estate.

Our bereavement house clearance services approach the clearance process with compassion, sensitivity, and understanding. We recognise the emotional and sentimental significance of personal belongings and the challenges faced by grieving families. With empathy and respect, these services aim to navigate the clearance process in a considerate manner, providing support and alleviating the burden on families during this difficult time.


Our services are delivered by skilled professionals who specialise in probate and estate clearances. With our extensive experience and expertise, we possess the knowledge required to effectively manage the entire clearance process.



Typically, prior to our arrival at a property for clearance services, someone, such as a representative or executor, will have already visited the property and addressed all the legal matters related to inheritance and estate administration.

However, in certain cases, we encounter situations where we have never personally met the client. This can occur when the client resides in another country. In such instances, the entire setup and coordination of the clearance service are conducted through phone calls or email communications. We then travel to the client’s residence to carry out the necessary work.

Individual Client Requirements For Bereavement Clarence.

Bereavement house clearance services take on the comprehensive responsibility of clearing a property thoroughly. Our dedicated team sorts through and removes all belongings, including furniture, household items, personal possessions, and any other items specified by the family.

As part of this process, we can efficiently pack, label, and organize items based on individual client requirements, whether it’s for storage, sale, or disposal.

We are more than willing to accommodate any special instructions you may have, ensuring that your specific needs and preferences are addressed with utmost care and attention.

Property Maintenance

In addition to our core services of belongings removal, we also offer property cleaning and maintenance upon the request of our clients. This comprehensive service encompasses various tasks such as thorough cleaning, minor repairs, and general upkeep of the property. These efforts are aimed at preparing the house for sale or handover in optimal condition. We understand that each client’s needs may differ, so we are always open to discussing individual requirements to ensure we meet their specific expectations in this aspect.

Responsible Waste Removal

When it comes to waste removal we adhere to responsible disposal and recycling practices. We understand that the process of clearing a house often results in a substantial amount of waste and unwanted items.

To minimise the environmental impact and ensure compliance with local regulations and recycling guidelines, our services are dedicated to conducting waste removal responsibly.

We employ proper waste management techniques and are fully insured and licensed in this regard.

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