House Clearance Services, Free Furniture Removal & an Honest Guide to Sofas & Armchairs
House clearance service Dublin
On February 5, 2024

House Clearance Services: Ditch the Dragged-Out Sofa! Free Removals & Smart Tips for Unwanted Furniture.

Before we commence, it is important to clarify that we seldom, if ever, take suites of furniture under our free home clearance services. In order to consider such items, they must be in absolutely pristine condition, a circumstance that rarely, if at all, occurs.

Does your home feel more like a storage unit than a living space? Are unwanted items taking over your precious square footage? If you’re looking for a hassle-free, affordable way to reclaim your space, look no further than Something For Nothing House Clear-out Services Ireland.

We’re your local house clearance experts, specialising in removing unwanted furniture and other items with zero upfront costs for any items with resale value.

That’s right, for items with good resale value you can clear out your clutter at no additional charge when you choose us!

House clearance services
While it might look good, the image above has zero resale value to us.

To ensure a smooth and efficient process for everyone, here are some helpful pointers before contacting us:

For Sofas and Armchairs:

  • Be Honest About Condition: While we offer free removal for resalable items, we can’t take heavily damaged, worn-out sofas and armchairs. Be honest about the item’s condition, including rips, tears, stains, or broken frames. Sending pictures upfront helps us assess its resale potential quickly.


  • Consider Options: If your sofa or armchair is beyond repair, cosider our paid house clearance service.


  • Remember, We Charge for Unusable Items: While we strive to offer a free service, there are costs associated with disposals. For items with no resale value, including heavily damaged sofas and armchairs, we offer transparent and competitive pricing upfront.


General De cluttering Tips:

  • Ask Yourself Why: Before contacting us, ask yourself why you’re getting rid of an item. Is it broken, outdated, or simply not used anymore? Knowing the reason can help you decide if the item is in genuine resale condition or just junk.


  • Be Realistic: If we are unable to offer complimentary home clearances, our fees are consistently reasonable and encompass all associated expenses, including fuel costs, disposal fees, and the intricacies involved in the initial item removal process.


  • Do Your Part: To expedite the process, if you are in a position to gather and categorise items you wish to remove before contacting us, this saves time and ensures a smooth, efficient clearance experience.
    House clearance services

    Beware of Illegal Dumping

    The unauthorised gathering of waste in Ireland and its subsequent disposal pose significant environmental and public health risks. This activity can lead to pollution of soil and water, endangerment of wildlife, and disruption of ecosystems. Providers without proper waste permits may participate in illicit dumping practices to evade regulatory scrutiny.

    Read more detail regarding illegal dumping here.


    We are fully compliant waste permit holders.


    SFN House Clearance Services provides a reliable solution tailored to meet the needs of all our customers.

    If you’re considering our services, please feel free to get in touch via email. Include a photo or a detailed description of the items you wish to have removed.


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