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SFN Antique Buyers. Sell Antiques Directly To Us For Instant Cash.

Selling antiques directly to SFN antique buyers allows you to bypass expensive auctioneer fees. Avoid paying 33% commissions and other related fees.


Auctioneers can take several weeks to pay out, with SFN we pay and collect on the same day.

Antique buyers

make just as much or more money with us selling your antiques

Avoid Costly Fees

  • 33% Auctioneer fees
  • Large item transport fees
  • Non auction sale holding fees

Auctioneers typically impose a 33% commission on sales, with potential additional costs for transporting items to the auction room. In case your item remains unsold, there is a possibility of incurring holding fees.


When selling directly to a member of  SFN, you have the advantage of dealing with professionals who have expertise in valuing and appraising fine art and antiques. We have a genuine interest in buying antique pieces and may be willing to offer a fairer price than you would make by going directly to auction.

What is involved:


Having unearthed an antiquated treasure, you’re now contemplating the next steps and initiate a search for “antique buyers near me” Hopefully you’ve found us.



To contact us, please send an image of the antique you intend to sell. As professional antique buyers, with just the image, we can usually determine its potential value and assess whether it holds any significant worth.


If we determine that your antique holds significant value based on the image you provided, we will arrange for an appraisal professional to visit you. During this meeting, we will discuss the financial aspects, including any potential pros or cons associated with selling your antique.


After carefully assessing the value of your item and considering the associated charges involved in preparing it for auction and facilitating the sale, we will present you with a fair offer. This offer will take into account various factors to ensure an equitable arrangement for both parties involved.

There are zero auctioneers & related fees when selling antiques, jewellery, or any antiquities through us.

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We recently had the pleasure of working with SFN to sell our cherished old grandfather clock, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. After seeking appraisals from various auctioneers, we were pleasantly surprised by the consistent figures we received. However, our experience took a remarkable turn when we contacted SFN and connected with Anthony.

From the moment we engaged with Anthony, it was clear that SFN was committed to providing an exceptional service. Not only did Anthony offer us an amount that surpassed our expectations, this taking removing auctioneers fees into account, but he also went above and beyond by personally handling the clock’s transportation. This thoughtful gesture relieved us of any logistical concerns, making the entire process hassle-free.

Exploring different avenues and obtaining multiple appraisals had always been our approach, and we were thrilled to have chosen SFN. Their expertise and dedication to securing the best value for our items became evident through their fair offer and exceptional customer service.

Thanks to SFN and Anthony, we can confidently say that we made a profitable decision. The clock found a new home, and we experienced a genuinely rewarding transaction. If you’re considering selling valuable antique items, we highly recommend SFN. Trustworthy, efficient, and focused on your satisfaction, they are the epitome of a win-win situation.

Alastair Beltram

As Antique Buyers We Will Always Give You The Fairest Price!

Selling an antique directly to us can indeed provide a safe and secure method of transferring the item to a new owner. By avoiding traditional auction houses, it is possible to circumvent the payment of commissions and fees associated with their services, which can be substantial.

Ownership of Antiques must be established to the satisfaction of the SFN team.

When selling antiques, it is important to establish ownership to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of the items.

Here are some steps you can take to establish ownership:

  • Provenance
  • Previous appraisals and valuations
  • Authenticity verification
  • Related documentation
  • Legal considerations

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