When we cannot offer you our free service we can provide great free quotes on Junk and Rubbish Removals for your home or business. We will always make sure your rubbish is disposed of in the appropriate way and as such are fully licensed and insured to do so. We take it from where ever it is located and always clean up after ourselves, absolutely nothing gets left behind.

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We’ve seen it again & again at this stage. Over a period of time the junk & rubbish have been piling up inside the house, out the back garden or – in the shed & you’re just fed up looking at it. Its way to bulky to go into the bins. It would cost a small fortune to dispose of at the recycle centres and you are just unsure how to go about its removal.

If it constitutes as Junk or Rubbish and we can load & haul it, we will. The only real exceptions to this is food waste, dangerous chemical hazards and building or construction debris that would be better suited to a skip. Other than this we are good to go and you will not have to put any effort in other than contacting us.



Hard to believe that these guys do this service for nothing. Excellent service. 



Fantastic free service! Tony is a real gent. We cleared out the attic and garage junk in a day and he took everything away for us. 

Mary Madden


Excellent Junk Removal Company! They hauled my junk away in no tme at all. Reccomended! 


Robert McFadden


Rubbish Removal At Affordable Prices!

Something For Nothing

electrical goods

We collect and dispose of household electrical and white goods appliances.


mattress disposal

We collect and dispose of large, medium and small mattresses.

bed frames

As well as matress disposal we also take old beds away.

Wardrobes & Drawers

We take all unwanted bedroom and kitchen units away.

couch disposal

We remove and dispose of old couches and suites of furniture.

black bag waste

We remove and dispose of household rubbish in black bags.

yard clearance

This can often involve clearing accumulated yard rubbish piles etc.

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If there is something that qualifies as Junk or Rubbish removal that you cannot see here please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are glad to see if we can help out.





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