SFN Bereaved Persons & Inheritance Clearance Services

We Are On Hand To Assist At This Sensitive Time

We have carried out numerous services for people who have been bereaved and inherited a property that requires a clearance service.

Inheritance Clean Up

Assisting You At A Very Sensitive Time.

We have helped a lot of people when it comes to this type of service. We are always mindful that somebody has most likely lost a loved one and so we treat each client with the utmost respect, dignity and sensitivity and will always carry out any instructions to the exact wishes of the client.


Generally speaking somebody have been to the property before we arrive and all the legalities surrounding inheritance etc, will have been taken care of however, in some of these clearance services we have never actually met the client due to the fact they reside in another country. The service has often been set up by phone or email and we travel to the residence to complete the work.


We have also provided property maintenance services because the house is not only undergoing a clearance but is also being prepared for resale.


property maintenance

Our services are provided to homeowners as well as commercial properties.

free house clearance

We provide a free home & property clearance service for items with resale value only.

rubbish removal

At SFN.ie, Junk Disposal and Rubbish Removal are a large part of our daily business services.

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