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Why Wait For Auctions When You Can Have Cash Today!

At Something for Nothing we are not only in the business of home clearance services we are also in the business of buying & selling damaged stock and stock liquidation clear outs. 


Mobile Pressure Power Washing Services In Dublin

Why Wait o Go To Auction! 


  • Cancelled Orders
  • Damaged Packaging
  • Damaged Transit
  • Electrical Goods
  • Insurance Salvage
  • Stock Clearance
  • Surplus Stock
  • Unpaid Consignments

Selling Your Damaged Stock Is Easy With Us!

If you have damaged or insurance salvage and recovered stock we specialise in these purchases. This could mean a single pallet of items that has been damaged in some way or it could mean a container load of damaged stock you would like to sell. We even consider a warehouse full of stock and the smallest amounts also. 

We purchase excess and stock that is no longer needed. You might want to clear the stores to make room for incoming stock or perhaps you are winding down your business or dealing with freeing cash flow. Get in touch to see if we can help. 


If you are serious about selling your stock for cash we offer no messing around valuations. We are available to collect day and night.


Sell damaged stock

single pallets

We purchase single pallets of transit or other ways damaged stock

Commercial Power Washing

warehouse damaged Stock

We are always interested in purchasing entire warehouse stock that needs to be cleared.

Damaged stock valuations and quotes

sensabile quotes

We offer quick and fair valuations and quotes for all types of stock clearance items.

Property Maintenance Services Company

property maintenance

Our services are provided to homeowners as well as commercial properties.

Something For nothing Free House Clearance Services

free house clearance

We provide a free home & property clearance service for items with resale value only.

Rubbish Removal Service Company

rubbish removal

At, Junk Disposal and Rubbish Removal are a large part of our daily business services.

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